Ravens (of the Corvus genus in the Corvidae family) inhabit a big part of this earth, from Ireland to India, Greenland to Ethiopia. They are very adaptive, love to communicate and do so with a different range of methods, they are smart – and the cooperate. This has been scientifically proven only recently and you have surely come across one or another articles or videos on this topic.

What better reason to pick the raven as our symbol and mascot? And a good choice it was, as the raven kept us good company for almost two decades by now.

Communication is at the core of everything we do professionally. So it is only consequential to create and maintain a blog to cover a wide range of topics, conference-related or other and to tell stories that get ignored in daily routine due to lack of time or opportunity.

Therefore we are most delighted to have you as our reader, no matter if you organise events yourself, have them organised, or just like to attend well-organised events.

Should there be any topics or issues you would like us to cover for you, feel free to comment or send us a message.