LDK 2019 Poster and pen

LDK 2019 at the Paulinum – or: The joys of hosting a conference at a public venue

All participants are inside the lecture halls doing their thing while we are busy guarding the merch and the left over drinks and cookies from passersby. Note: We are here supporting the LDK at the Paulinum Leipzig, which means we are in a university space with lots of students milling around, but also (mostly elderly) people coming to visit the newly built Augusteum and especially the Paulinum auditorium/church. Pens go quickly and even glasses with juice and water set up at the catering tables for participants have to be closely watched as people attending guided tours sidle over inconspiciously, quietly taking a glass and reacting extremely offended when informed that the drinks are not for everybody.
What keeps us alive… And of course I shared this with my dear colleague!
My favourite though: A guy wanting to grab some lanyards and pens, but when being offered a pocket calendar instead he looked at it, and looked up at me with big eyes saying: „Penguins? These are penguins! I cannot take this. Penguins are at the South and North Pole selling Coca Cola!“ Oh well… 😀

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