Plants under different light conditions

Interaction between matter and radiation: Plant spectroscopy in Berlin

Once more we had the great pleasure to be at the Henry Ford Building in Berlin/Dahlem. Not only is the architecture stunning, but also the on-site is organisation marvellous and staff extremely helpful, be it when an additional room is needed spontaneously, or some of the international guests need an adapter to charge their laptops or phones.

While the last time we were here the topic was visual perception, this time it was plant spectroscopy, connecting scientists not only from all around the world but also many different fields and areas of expertise. While usually there are only one or two or maybe three people at a conference in chemistry, biology, physics, and others present posters on the topic of plant spectroscopy, here it was… everybody! Many commented on this and how happy this makes them to finally be with likeminded people. And a nice and kind bunch they were!

Speaking of international audiences: Once more it proved quite challenging to obtain

Glad to have had you as our guest, Ms. Laxmi!

visas for everybody, but in the end we managed to get everybody to Berlin. While it is oh so easy to travel almost everywhere when you call a certain Western passport your own, it is not if you come from countries like India or even Iran. (Not to speak of money issues – this is a completely different but equally exhaustive topic!) At the same time it is vitally important for scientists from all over the world to be able to participate in international conferences to be able to hone their presenting capabilities and make connections, thus improving their own research and contributing to others‘.

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